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Quality Section

Rights and duties of the patient.

Quality management

The management assumes the challenge of implementing a quality management system according to the une-en ISO 9001:2015 standard. For this reason, CDC CLÍNICA DE LA CUESTA establishes, declares and assumes the following

  • Offer a service according to the requirements of our clients taking into account the needs and expectations of the relevant interested parties for the direction of the organization.
  • Management’s commitment to provide the necessary resources for the proper functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system.
  • Promoting employee quality awareness through training and from our own clients through our own activities.
  • The application of this policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the company, through motivation and training in order to achieve the quality objectives established by the company. organization.
  • Reaffirm the commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which CDC subscribes related to the provision of the service.
  1. Right to information by duly trained and experienced personnel.
  2. Right to a comprehensive and comprehensive explanation of your treatment by a physician or surgeon, not hiding negative aspects or possible complications that you must assume freely and with full knowledge.
  3. Right to obtain a copy of your medical record.
  4. Right to privacy and privacy.
  5. Right to decide freely.
  6. Right to have your wishes respected always under medical supervision and criteria.
  7. Right to receive an estimate for the treatment or surgery about which you request information after medical diagnosis.
  8. Right to receive a treatment or surgery contract between the clinic and the patient in which detail the concepts included and not included in it.
  9. Right to request the cancellation of your treatment -taking into account the costs generated and the conditions of your contract-, and request the refund of the corresponding amount in case it was not made to the center in which you contracted.
  10. Right to receive excellent treatment from all clinic staff.
  11. In case any of the above rights are not fulfilled, you can notify any of our advisors or
  1. CDC CLÍNICA DE LA CUESTA will give you a personalized follow-up in all surgeries. Consultation at your nearest clinic or by calling 922.644.774
  2. CDC CLÍNICA DE LA CUESTA is a clinic certified under ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas in Spain.
  3. The attention and information you will receive will be specialized.
  4. Personalized diagnosis that will ensure a unique treatment and therefore the success of the results.
  5. Performance of all the necessary tests to establish the complete medical history.
  6. All our products, techniques and protocols, as well as mandatory informed consents, follow the EC health regulations and are endorsed and verified by our quality and legal departments.
  7. We guarantee strict compliance with the legislation.
  1. Communicate any change of address or personal data to the clinic.
  2. Follow promptly the instructions of your doctor or surgeon or other healthcare professional at the clinic.
  3. Keep all appointments.
  4. Communicate at all times to the professional and medical personnel health circumstances and habits such as smoking, alcohol or drug use of any kind.

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From the Quality Department CDC CLÍNICA DE LA CUESTA we work daily to find out the concerns of our patients and their degree of satisfaction, with a clear objective of continuous improvement in the quality of both our service and our management.