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Aesthetic Specialties.​

Improve the curve of your eyelashes, achieving greater length and thickness.

Eyelash Lift

Aesthetic Treatments

What does it consist of?

Few things say more than a look, and at CDC Clínica de la Cuesta we help you beautify your eyes, making the most of them without applying harmful products.

Eyelash Lifting is a treatment that lengthens and creates a slight upward curve in a natural and lasting way, achieving greater length and thickness.

More than 70 professionals at your service.


The human eye is a very sensitive organ that requires good eyelashes to protect it from foreign agents and bacteria. These are some of the advantages that eyelash lifting offers:

  • It does not harm your lashes. Of course, this is a matter of priority. Because it is useless to enjoy dreamy eyes if when its effect wears off, your natural eyelashes are weaker or damaged.
  • The result of eyelash lifting is completely natural. We like to be as beautiful as possible, but without noticing that there is manipulation behind it. With this technique you can rest easy, if that’s what you want, the secret of the treatment remains between you and your beautician.
  • A quick, simple and painless system. With eyelash lifting, what is done is to lift them from the root. The steps to achieve this are simple: remove make-up from the eye, place the silicone pads, apply the fixing gel and wait 10-15 minutes for it to act.
  • It is effective even with the shortest lashes. Precisely because it stretches the hair from its birth, it manages to increase its length even when the eyelashes are small.
  • With eyelash lifting you save time and money. We have already talked about its speed, now it is time for us to remind you that you will not need to use mascara or its consequent make-up remover for a long time. Add to it that, since hairpieces are not used, its price is lower than that of other similar techniques.

During the 24 hours after the treatment, it is essential to comply with a series of care measures, such as not wetting the eyelashes or applying mascara to them. After that time, you can lead your normal life.

If you still want more, talk to our advisors. After a complete study of your face and your gaze, they will give you more advice on the different options you can take to not only enhance but also rejuvenate your gaze, such as the “fox eyes” treatment.

At CDC Clínica de la Cuesta we have a large team of expert surgeons and doctors who will help you achieve it.

Why choose CDC?

The frequency and number of sessions depend on different factors. Among them, the type of skin, areas and conditions to be treated. Our expert will advise you so that you can obtain the best results.

The treatment can be combined with others for a more visible result. At CDC, we will advise you on the types of treatments with which it can be combined.
No. This treatment does not cause any pain.
Safety glasses are worn to prevent eye damage. They will be used in each session by our specialist and by you.
This treatment leaves lasting results on the skin. This is because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
We have financing available and to suit you. Remember that the first visit for evaluation and diagnosis is free. At CDC, Clínica De La Cuesta, our specialists will advise you. They will also inform you of the conditions for financing the treatments.
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