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Endodontics Unirradicular, Biradicular, Multiradicular, Reendodontics.

What is a Endodontics?

Dentistry Services

Endodontics is a specialty of Dentistry that deals with pathologies of the dental pulp (nerve). It is when what we know as root canal treatment is performed. First, the pulp of the tooth that is damaged, infected or with necrosis (spontaneous death of the nerve) is removed. Then that space inside the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a special material (gutta-percha). Subsequently, a definitive filling is made, either a prosthesis or a direct filling. One of the most common causes that we find to perform a root canal are cracked teeth. Also deep cavities, repeated dental treatments on the tooth or trauma. Early root canal treatment can prevent infections. Beyond this, we will be able to save and keep the tooth in the mouth for longer.

Benefits of Endodontics:

  • Keep the tooth in the mouth longer.
  • Infections, pain and dental sensitivity are eliminated.
  • You avoid discomfort when eating and chewing.
  • You prevent cavities from spreading to other teeth.

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Why choose CDC?

When we talk about an Endodontic treatment, it is essential to take into account two factors. The first is the experience of the professional. The second technology. At CDC we count on both to carry out a successful endodontic treatment.

In our clinics we understand that if the treatment is carried out correctly, the dental piece is saved. Likewise, the bone regenerates and the piece can last the same as a healthy one.

We also know that 80% of people need this treatment at any given time. At Clínica de la Cuesta we are backed by the specialized training and years of experience of our dentists. With them we guarantee our patients successful results.

We have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to perform the most precise and fastest procedure (Mechanized Rotary Endodontics). With it we can successfully complete the treatment in one day, except in those cases that present other types of conditions.

Types of Endoconcia

Endodontic treatments are classified into:

Single root endodontics: At Clínica De La Cuesta we perform this type of endodontics when the affected tooth or piece has a single root and a single canal. They are generally the anterior teeth and some premolar.

Biradicular Endodontics: In this case, we find pieces that have two roots and two canals.

Multiradicular endodontics: This is performed when the piece to be treated has several roots and/or several ducts.

Re-endodontics: In those cases where the first endodontics has failed.


  • Deep dental caries.
  • Trauma from a blow.
  • Wear due to bruxism.
  • Erosion and wear of parts.
  • Previous infection treated but not eliminated.


  • Pain in the teeth or teeth.
  • Sensitivity to cold and/or heat.
  • Fracture in one piece.

Frequent questions

Endodontic treatment does not hurt. What hurts is the infection. New technology and anesthesia mean that in most cases the treatment is done quickly and painlessly.

There are several factors due to which a root canal can fail:

For example, a new cavity can expose the filling or filling material, causing a new infection. Also a fracture of the incorrectly treated and/or restored tooth. Another factor may be the arrival of new bacteria and/or apical lesions that appear after treatment (at the end of the root).

Endodontics can be completed in a single session or in several sessions depending on the case and according to the conditions.
To estimate the price we need to know the type of Endodontics to be performed. Remember that there are Uniradicular, Biradicular and Multiradicular Endodontics. At CDC, we have counselors and staff who are always available to answer all your questions. We suggest that you contact us for a free first diagnostic appointment and thus answer your questions.
This will depend on the state of your tooth or tooth. That is, if the damage is slight or if, on the contrary, it has suffered greater damage. Many times it is required to put a cover or crown to protect the piece and thus make it more durable.
At CDC, Clínica De La Cuesta, we have financing programs that fit your needs. In your appointment with us we can talk about all the alternatives we have for financing the treatments you need.
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