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Tranquility and happiness.

Chocolate Therapy

Aesthetic Treatments

What is it and what benefits does it provide?

Chocotherapy is a therapy of well-being and happiness for the mind, in which chocolate is used to cover the areas of the body where the benefits it brings to our skin and general well-being are desired.

The intense smell of chocolate, consumed orally or through the skin, induces the production in the brain of a substance linked to serotonin and endorphins.

Learn about the benefits of this therapy and do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information, remember that we work for you with vocation and love.

Can you think of a nicer feeling than being smeared with chocolate? Unless you don’t like chocolate or are allergic to it, we think not. These are the benefits you can get from chocotherapy.

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As therapy it helps us to:

  • Enjoy emollient, nourishing, moisturizing, protective and relaxing properties that detoxify and regenerate the skin .
  • It stimulates and has an anti-stress and relaxation action, increasing the sensation of pleasure and good humor. A complete happiness therapy.
  • Cocoa has high levels of fiber and minerals , such as potassium, calcium or magnesium. These integrate into the skin, revitalize it and give it a more alive and bright appearance.
  • Everyone knows that cocoa contains theobromine and is rich in tryptophan. Both components help in the production of serotonin, which is in charge of making us feel good and happy. Thanks to this, the mood is considerably improved.

Do you dare to try a chocotherapy treatment? Well, don’t think about it and go through CDC where we have the best professionals and the most advanced techniques. Let us relax you with an unforgettable chocolate bath.

Frequent questions

The discomfort of this treatment is minimal. It does not require rest and is a safe and non-invasive treatment.

You will be able to see changes in your skin from the first treatment. Likewise, after 3 or 4 treatments, you will have a noticeable change in your skin.
Although there are no contraindications, our aesthetic doctor will tell you the care you should take with your skin after treatment.
Treatments depend on the conditions and skin type of each patient. They can be done safely every 4 to 6 weeks until the desired results are achieved. But it is no less true that although for some 3 sessions are recommended, for other conditions up to 6 sessions could be used.
Microneddling treatment is one of the most demanded by men. The Dermapen helps them to recover the freshness in the skin and to reduce the wrinkles that appear with the passage of time.
We have financing available and to suit you. Check with our specialists to be informed of the conditions.
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