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Specialties Aesthetic Medicine.

Marionette lines – Nasolabial folds – Neck – Eyebrows – Double chin – Barcode.

Treatment with Tension Threads

Aesthetic Medicine Treatments


  • Immediate lifting effect.
  • Stretches and lifts the areas of the face, décolleté, neck and eyelids.
  • Improves elasticity and microcirculation.
  • It stimulates collagen production.
  • Reaffirms and reduces flaccidity.
  • Safe and non-surgical procedure.
  • The duration of the effects is long (12 to 24 months).
  • They can be combined with other treatments (botox, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, among others).

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What are Tension Threads?

Treatment with tension threads is also called facelift without surgery. They are absorbable or permanent threads. They are used to fix tissues in an elevated position. With them, smooth, stretched and less flaccid skin is achieved. Currently, it is one of the most advanced in the world of aesthetic medicine. It is also one of the most requested by men and women who want to look better. The reasons are multiple.

In the first place, the treatment with tension threads creates a lifting effect without having to go through an operating room. Secondly, biocompatible and absorbable materials are used by our body. Finally, we must say that its use is not limited only to the areas of the face and neck. It is also used on the legs, arms, abdomen, chest, buttocks, knees and abdomen.

How do magic threads work?

It should be noted that the procedure of putting the tension threads is simple. The fine filaments are introduced into the dermis of the skin through needles or cannulas. Once inserted, they are tightened, so that they remain anchored and thus achieve the desired effect. With this, it is possible to create a mesh that is what holds and tightens the skin. It is concluded by removing the excess material and cleaning the treated area.

Thus, the effect is immediate, but without a doubt you will be able to see the best results one month after the first treatment. This non-surgical lifting treatment must be performed by a specialist in this technique. At Clínica De La Cuesta, we have a Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine. She will perform each treatment individually and personalized.

What are they used for and what do they treat:

  • raise cheeks
  • Reduce marionette lines
  • Reduce nasolabial folds
  • hide crow's feet
  • losing barcode lines
  • Improve the profile of the jaw area
  • Stretch the neck area
  • raised eyebrows
  • Decreased double chin
  • In the body area it is used for flaccidity of the thighs, chest, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

Frequent questions

Although we can affirm that it is not a painful procedure, it is sometimes annoying. Usually, our aesthetic doctor uses topical analgesics. This in order to make you feel more comfortable and reduce discomfort.

This treatment is for any man and/or woman looking to reduce flaccidity in the face and body area.
After the treatment there may be bruising, swelling, and the skin may also feel tight. All these effects usually disappear quickly.
The optimal duration of treatment usually lasts between 12 to 18 months. The absorption of the threads by the organism is 6 months.
They are also called magic threads because by stimulating the increase in collagen they rejuvenate the skin from within. On the other hand, because they are imperceptible to sight and touch. Also because the results are natural, creating smoother and brighter skin.
The price of the treatment with tensing threads usually varies. This depends on the flaccidity, the number of threads to use and the area to be treated. The most convenient thing is that you make a first appointment for free. Our specialist will explain the details of the treatment and its costs.
We have financing available and to suit you. Check with our specialists to be informed of the conditions.
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