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Aesthetic Specialties.​

Technology that improves lymphatic drainage.


Aesthetic Treatments

What does it consist of?

Considered currently one of the best treatments for improving lymphatic drainage, at CDC Clínica de la Cuesta we have incorporated the most advanced technology on the market to offer you the best results that pressotherapy can give.

More than 70 professionals at your service.

Benefits of pressotherapy

  • Elimination of retained liquids.
  • Elimination of fats and toxins.
  • Treatment of edemas and lymphedemas.
  • Treatment of varicose signs.
  • Elimination of liquids in tired legs.

How does it work?

Through the pressotherapy technique, controlled pressures are applied at different intensities on different parts of the body, oxygenating the tissues, achieving tissue regeneration and, of course, favoring lymphatic drainage. Technically, the pressotherapy cycle originates in the lower part of the body and progresses towards the center. The inflation and emptying cycle is short, allowing pressure to be applied to the limbs without causing any discomfort to the patient.

How to get the most out of treatment

It is highly advisable to combine pressotherapy with exercise and a healthy diet, consult our nutritionist at CDC Clínica de la Cuesta or complement it with other aesthetic treatments from the wide range that we offer and get the most out of your body.

In addition, pressotherapy influences the elimination of varicose veins problems, or even lymphedema in the legs, arms and also in the abdomen, improving at the same time the health, elasticity, firmness of the skin and muscles.

Why choose CDC?

The frequency and number of sessions depend on different factors. Among them, the type of skin, areas and conditions to be treated. Our expert will advise you so that you can obtain the best results.

The treatment can be combined with others for a more visible result. At CDC, we will advise you on the types of treatments with which it can be combined.
No. This treatment does not cause any pain.
Safety glasses are worn to prevent eye damage. They will be used in each session by our specialist and by you.
This treatment leaves lasting results on the skin. This is because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
We have financing available and to suit you. Remember that the first visit for evaluation and diagnosis is free. At CDC, Clínica De La Cuesta, our specialists will advise you. They will also inform you of the conditions for financing the treatments.
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