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Drain excess fluids and toxins from the body

Draining Massages

Aesthetic Treatments


Draining massages are a type of massage used to drain excess fluids and toxins from the body. They are based on specific massage techniques that stimulate lymphatic circulation and the elimination of liquids and toxins through the lymphatic vessels and kidneys. Draining massages are often used to treat fluid retention, cellulite and other circulation problems. They can also be used to help reduce inflammation after injury or surgery. The draining massages are carried out with soft and slow movements and can be carried out by our masseurs specialized in draining massages.

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  • Help reduce fluid retention and swelling in the body
  • Relieve tension and muscle fatigue
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation
  • They can help prevent the appearance of cellulite
  • Helps improve the appearance of the skin

Possible Side Effects or Disadvantages

  • They can cause bruising or temporary redness of the skin
  • Some people may feel dizzy or weak after the massage.
  • They can cause pain or discomfort in some areas of the body during or after the massage.
  • It may take some time to see significant results.

It is important to keep in mind that these side effects or disadvantages are usually mild and temporary and that the benefits of draining massages can be very valuable for some people. It is advisable to speak with a health professional or massage therapist before beginning any type of massage treatment.

Frequent questions

The discomfort of this treatment is minimal. It does not require rest and is a safe and non-invasive treatment.

You will be able to see changes in your skin from the first treatment. Likewise, after 3 or 4 treatments, you will have a noticeable change in your skin.
Although there are no contraindications, our aesthetic doctor will tell you the care you should take with your skin after treatment.
Treatments depend on the conditions and skin type of each patient. They can be done safely every 4 to 6 weeks until the desired results are achieved. But it is no less true that although for some 3 sessions are recommended, for other conditions up to 6 sessions could be used.
Microneddling treatment is one of the most demanded by men. The Dermapen helps them to recover the freshness in the skin and to reduce the wrinkles that appear with the passage of time.
We have financing available and to suit you. Check with our specialists to be informed of the conditions.
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