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What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Dentistry Services

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that treats all dental needs in newborns, children, adolescents and patients with special needs. Their role is to review the development of the dentition, prevent oral health and educate on the importance of it. According to the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry, when we ask about the age that we should take our children to the pediatric dentist, they advise: "Ideally, before their first birthday and, failing that, on the first anniversary."

Diseases treated by Pediatric Dentistry:

  • Presence of caries.
  • When there are changes in the size, shape or number of teeth.
  • Pieces larger than normal.
  • The number of parts is higher than normal.
  • Congenital absence of teeth.
  • Traumatisms, blows and/or fractures.

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Why choose CDC?

At CDC, with more than 11 years of experience, we pay special care to the little ones at home. We know how important it is for mothers and fathers to know that their child is being treated by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. That is why in our clinics we have qualified personnel in the care of children and adolescents.

Our specialists understand the fear that our children present when they go to a dental office. At CDC we are prepared to provide them with the confidence and security they need and thus make them feel at home.

Our fundamental objective is prevention, guidance and education about the importance of proper oral hygiene. For this we teach them brushing techniques. We also explain how important it is to maintain healthy habits so as not to damage the alignment of the teeth. Our advice to the little ones will help us prevent diseases in the future.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Furrow and fissure sealants: This is one of the most used treatments in children. When superficial fissures are created in the pieces, we fill them in so that they are not exposed to bacteria and thus protect them from future cavities.

Obturations: This treatment is known as “dental filling” and is also very common. They are done to treat cavities and prevent damage from reaching the nerve.

Pulpectomy – Pulpotomy: These treatments are performed when caries affects the milk teeth, also called temporary teeth. With this happens, the pulp (nerve) is removed to later rebuild the dental piece.

Dental appliances: There are various devices to treat and prevent bone and functional disorders of the jaws in growing patients. At CDC you will have the ideal device for the little ones at home.


  • Techniques suitable for the little ones.

  • Prevention of future diseases in teeth and gums.

  • It guarantees a correct development of future teeth.

  • The pediatric dentist is prepared to offer security and confidence to the child.

  • It provides an environment according to their age and therefore more fun.

Frequent questions

Until a few years ago, it was recommended from the age of three, but with the proliferation of cavities at an earlier age, the first visit is now recommended at the age of one or when the child is close to turning one.

Fluoride helps prevent, reduce and avoid cavities. It is completely safe. A small amount is applied that after a few hours disappears. It should only be applied by a professional.
Because cavities are an infection. Behind the decayed tooth is the permanent tooth about to emerge and an infection could damage its development. Likewise, it is also important that this piece is not missing until the other to come out can take its place.
We work with a wide variety of medical and dental insurances including burial policies with dental coverage. If you do not find your insurance in our list, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our advisors will gladly assist you and provide you with all the detailed and additional information you need.
At CDC, Clínica De La Cuesta, we have financing programs that fit your needs. In your appointment with us we can talk about all the alternatives we have for financing the treatments you need.
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