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Indications: Nourishing night cream with a high concentration of retinol and global anti-aging active ingredients intended for all skin types, except sensitive ones. Retiplus 1%, in addition to Retinol 1%, provides 10 more active ingredients that complement all the skin’s needs, generating an intensive anti-aging and anti-wrinkle action.

How to use: Apply at night with clean and dry skin progressively according to the package insert. We always recommend following a retinization guideline and gradual introduction to the product, both in skins accustomed to retinol and those that do not apply creams with this active ingredient.

Actives: Avocado Oil, Retinyl Palmitate, Ceramide Complex, Ectoin®, Gatuline® In-Tense, Moringa Lipids, Sweet Almond Oil, Stabilized Vitamin C, Liposomal Soy Isoflavones, Wheat Germ Oil, MPC Milk Peptide